MaxLend Loans

MaxLend is an organization that takes pride in helping consumers get the funds they need for various ventures. Our company headquarters is in Parshall, North Dakota, and we are pleased to offer loans to those who need a little bit of help. Our approval rate is extremely high because we do not discriminate against people who have no credit, bad credit or weak credit.

Installment Loans for Longer Terms

We are proud to offer our clients installment loans. Installment loans are a pleasant alternative to some of the other quick cash options with more rigorous requirements and repayment plans. At MaxLend Loans, we understand that consumers need more time to repay their cash advances. Our loans are flexible, and our clients can spend up to six months repaying their advances in weekly, biweekly or monthly installments.

Using the Funds We Supply

Freedom is one of the attributes of our loans that our clients appreciate the most. They have the freedom to use the funds for any reason. Some of the most common reasons that consumers apply for our cash advances are reasons such as auto repairs, bill payments, vacations, large purchases and security. Whatever the reason, we are here to help. Our number one goal is to make sure all of our clients are happy and get what they need.

The Application Process

Applicants must meet some criteria before they can have access to our loan products. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. They must also provide a verifiable source of income deposited into your checking account that meets our minimum income requirements. Our applicants must submit bank information. The bank account must be free of overdrafts, negative balances, and must meet our “bank account minimum opened duration” requirements. The individual must also not be involved in any bankruptcies. MaxLend does not extend loans to Active Duty Military, their spouses or their dependents. We try to protect our clients from overwhelming debt by having these income standards in place.

The application process begins when the client completes an application online and submits it. Our specialists review the material and return the client’s contact with a definitive answer. Once approved, the funds are then deposited into the provided account as early as the next business day.

The Repayment Process

Clients will have a repayment schedule stated in the contract that must be met to prevent incurring any penalty fees. We will automatically deduct the payments from the consumer’s bank account when the payment dates come. Some clients would rather have us deduct the funds from their debit cards. We will oblige, but the fees will be a little different for that method. Loans may be paid back at any time prior to the completion of the contract without penalty.

Why We’re a Top Lender

We’re a top lender because we care about our clients and because we get them the funds they need quickly and efficiently. If you have an emergency that you need to resolve, don’t waste your time with another provider. Learn more by calling or browsing our offerings. Contact us here at MaxLend so we can get you on the right track today.